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1st of November

My dearest friend,

It has been at least a fortnight since Rasmus’ death and Lady Fairbairn and the others have only just now decided what is to be done with me. Lord Fairbairn was more sympathetic to the whole situation and has done his best to offer condolences and whatever aid he can, but his wife is a stubborn and obstinate woman and dislikes me almost as much as she dislikes her own husband… which, of course, is a great deal. She has mad claims that it is most improper for me to stay now that my brother has died, but in private I have it in good authority that she thinks my presence intrusive, as the property is now hers. It is appalling at how quickly my brother’s things were removed from the house, and I barely even had the chance to gather what little mementos I wished to keep of him before she had gotten rid of everything! It never occurred to me in my entire life that the death of my brother would cause such an extreme upheaval in my life, but as I am left with no living relations, everything has changed.

Lady Fairbairn has decided to send me away. While the decision of what is to happen to me is not entirely hers to make, she no longer wants me to remain on her property. Naturally, though, she wished to save face with our neighbors and so she has decided to “see to my best interests” as she phrases it. The trip is scheduled for three days hence so I will not even be able to see you before I am so rudely uprooted to an entirely new home overseas. I am not even sure if that will be what I call home. Lord Fairbairn assures me that the Resonia Academy is one of the most respected schools in all of academia, though he does warn that it is a rather dull place aside from one’s studies. I do not look forward to “furthering my education and improving my morality” as Lady Fairbairn is determined see happen while I am there, but I will, however be passed from her hands to the hands of my guardian after a month of being there.

My new guardian is a dear friend of my brother’s whose name I have not actually been able to get either Lord or Lady Fairbairn to inform me of, which seems a great mystery to me. He is not due for a month as he lives very, very far from here and for the time being Lady Fairbairn is determined to get me off her hands by sending me to Resonia. I can only hope that I will find something to occupy myself with while I am there, but I am more excited about riding on that vast ship to get there than I am of reaching the destination. I do wonder if we will be attacked by pirates! I almost wish it would be so. Certainly things would be much more interesting then. I shall most likely only have time to receive one letter from you before I am dragged off to Resonia, but I promise I shall write to you from the ship so that you can know all of the torrid details about how the sailors really live and if any of them are particularly handsome or if they are all old crusty men with beards that haven’t been shaved for decades, like some women seem to claim. I am worried that even with my upcoming sea voyage that you will have many more great adventures than I, and my trip shall be full of only sea-sickness and leering glares from old men who most likely don’t get the sight of very many young ladies. All my dearest love, and a kiss.

Your devoted friend,